Uli uli Repair (repost)

repair1 Is the rattan on your ‘uli’uli coming undone? This is a very common problem and usually happens when you have an extra strenuous hula workout. Your hands sweat, the rattan gets moist, relaxes and as you are shaking your ‘uli’uli, the rattan starts to unravel. This is a simple fix.   repair2First, unravel and take off the rattan without breaking it. Place the rattan in a bowl of water and soak for at least 1/2 hour.

repair4You are ready to re wrap.
The first wrap is the most important and must be tight!
This picture shows how to start.

repair5 Continue wrapping tightly and closely, making sure you do not see any fabric between rattan.

repair6When you have wrapped all the way down to the la’amia, work the rattan under first raffia “stem” as shown.
You will do the same to all four raffia “stems”.

repair7This shows how you will lock your wrap.

Cut off excess rattan.

Tuck the end and you are finished. No glue is used. When the rattan dries it will all tighten and be ready to use. repair10If you would rather have us re wrap your ‘uli’uli for you, the cost is $5 plus shipping. To replace a cracked la’amia is $10. If you have a really good sounding ‘uli’uli but the feathers are history, just cut off as much of the old feathers as possible and cover with a new set of ‘uli’uli caps.         E lohe i ke kani o ka ‘uli’uli, Mai ka la’amia me ali’ipoe, ‘uli’uli u’i, ‘uli’uli hula. ‘Uli’uli, e kani! Listen to the sound of the ‘uli’uli, From the la’amia with ali’ipoe, beautiful ‘uli’uli, hula ‘uli’uli . ‘Uli’uli, sing! From: “Mele Hula No Na Mea Ho’okani!” Composed by: Ho’oulu Cambra 12/1973