I just looked up the word “menagerie” to make sure I spelled it correctly and found that it means “a collection of confined wild animals”. Not the meaning I had in mind but anyway…..

Meet our furry friends.
This is Koa aka “chocho” and “fat guy”. He’s your usual poi dog…half rotweiller and half who knows. Our friends Cindy and Lottie gave us Koa as a little puppy about 13 years ago.
He’s still a great watch dog yet very gentle and very smart…..he has Kent very well trained!

This is Popoki aka “kitty”. She’s been with us just about as long as Koa. Son Kila came home from his friend’s house one day carrying this little kitten, “mom, can we keep her?” Those of you who remember our store on Eha Street might remember Popoki….we kept her there to help with the rat problem. She is still a great rat hunter and she still loves to plop herself in the middle of whatever you are working on. Especially when cutting fabric or goat skin.

This is Lilikoi but only comes to “pssssst, psssst”. Lilikoi is Popoki’s one and only son. He’s not a very good mouser….I think it’s because he eats so much, he’s always full and doesn’t see a need to hunt. His main job is to curl himself up next to me when I wrap ‘uli’uli and keep company.

This is Matilda (just couldn’t get a focused pic for some reason) who is very elusive and shy. She likes to hang amongst the pakalana vines and then, sometimes not.
Her boyfriend Spike comes to visit every now and then.

Sorry, I had to add another insect picture. Found this big one in the back workshop this afternoon. Maybe it is a menagerie after all….

Today’s ‘Olelo No’eau: Pili kau, pili ho’oilo. Together in the dry season, together in the wet season.
Said of a loving companionship.