Something important?

This evening I was asked, “Name something important that was taught to you as a child and have you taught this to your children and grandchildren?”

I knew quickly that knowing how to sew and to use hand tools have come in handy in my life….and line of work 🙂

My mom taught me as a child how to use a needle and thread to sew on buttons…..later how to use a sewing machine so that I was able to make simple dresses and tops for myself.

When I was about 8 years old, I was in the garage watching my dad make some wooden planters.  I picked up the drill and rather than scolding, “don’t touch”, he showed me how it was used…same with the saw and hammer.  With his scrap pieces of wood I ended up making a shoe rack. Oh was I so proud of that rack! My parents were not much on giving verbal praises but when that rack started filling up with shoes and slippers, that was all the praise and encouragement I needed.

Learning to sew and use tools at an early age were useful skills that have served me well throughout the years…yet the other lessons in patience, creativity, planning ahead and problem solving that come with it have been just as valuable.

I can only hope that I have taught my children these lessons (as they have become adults I see I may have been successful). I am certainly ready to teach the grandchildren how to sew, use tools and create…..