The Latest

Well our latest crop of ipu is FINALLY growing.  Boy was it a challenge! We dropped seeds back in early November, they sprouted and…..the franklins (partridge like birds) ate every single sprout.  We reseeded, put out a bird trap and…….the darn birds ate up every sprout again *#!*#!  So we had to get little cages to put over each hole, drop seed and crossed fingers.  Well, we finally got little plants….just in time for all the rain…which they thrived in.  But so did the million and a half weeds!!  Anyhow….weeds are now just about under control and the protea are in bloom 🙂

For those of you looking for ipu heke, we are just about out of gourds now but hope to have a good supply in a few months.  Do check back.