This morning the usu was delivered.

For the past couple of years, we have been getting together at New Years with family and friends to pound mochi.  Not in the very traditional way….but we try, and have a very good time.

My dad would say that he remembered his father making an usu.  (My grandfather was a self-made stone mason. One of his big jobs being the wall that surrounds the Waipahu Sugar Mill…I believe the wall is still standing….will have to go visit the next time we’re on Oahu.) Well, after some encouragement, my dad was able to locate the usu at his oldest brother’s house in Waipahu.  His brother said it was just sitting in the yard and we would be welcome to it!!

So here it is, a piece of history, carved by hand out of a solid piece of granite….to be used for many years and  hopefully passed down for generations to come.