November Already!

As usual, time has been flying by. October was a blur…lots of surf, work and appointments (Doctor’s and Dentist’s) and all’s well.

Next week is already Hula O Na Keiki at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel. This is always such an enjoyable event. We’ll be participating in the Craft show, doing some workshops and watching the hula competition. I’ll bring my camera……

In other news, a couple of weeks ago, the neighborhood girls came over with a bucket of chicks. “Aunty will you take care of these?” No, is my reply…..what am I going to do with baby chicks and a new puppy that loves to chase chickens?? Yet, the next day they return with two chicks for me.
I take them in, thinking it may be a good idea for ‘Ehu to get used to chickens and not want to chase them. I buy the special lightbulb and some chicken scratch. But we vow not to become attached and purposely do not name them.
Well……wouldn’t you know Thebrownone and Theblackone are now so tame they fall asleep in your hands and if you let them, will jump onto your shoulder and hang. They have us digging in the yard for bugs.

Some people are just crazy to have pet chickens!