This past weekend we were invited to Moloka’i to do a couple of workshops. I haven’t been there for many years yet it seems as though not much has changed…

It is still a beautiful and rural place. I’m probably showing my age, but I remember when Maui was a similar place.

Makena was like Papohaku at one time. Wide open beach with no one else around for miles.
No hotels, no gates, no crowd. A place where we could drive up to the beach through the kiawe and camp.
Nice memories….but at the same time, so sad to think we can never have that back and that our children never got the chance to see. Ah well…..

We were able to spend our first day exploring Moloka’i. It was a good day.

Saturday morning was time for puniu. We had fun getting to know the students of Ka Pa Hula o Hina i Ka Po La’ila’i, the kupuna, and other new friends. Everyone worked hard and the puniu were all beautiful.

‘Uli’uli were next. The feathers always take time and patience since they are all sewn by hand. The kupuna were ‘eleu and finished quickly with lots of laughter from their table.

Then it was time to learn how to use the ‘uli’uli and puniu. Kanoe taught a hula for each. This is what I love to see….the pride each student has in their instrument and to see it being used in a hula.

Time for a swim in the ocean. So nice!

Mahalo to Teri at Kalele Bookstore & Divine Expressions and the Mohala Hou Foundation for bringing us over. Mahalo to Kanoe Davis and girls for making us feel at home in your home and for all the Moloka’i goodies. Dried ‘opelu and aku for pupu and we’re having BBQ tonight with the teriyaki venison.
We love Moloka’i.