Winners of 2008 Mala Longboard Classic
Kalei Kauhane 1st, JB Falbo, Kent Apo, Albert Jencks, Ken Goring, Neal Norris
Kent enters this contest every year. It is an invitational surf meet put on by Jack Starr of Kimo’s Restaurant. It’s a showcase of excellent longboarding…..single fin and no leash allowed…..all style and nose rides.
Spending all day at the beach yesterday and a surf session this morning made us sunburnt (more wrinkles, darn)…crispy lips and sore eyeballs too! Not that I’m complaining……

At least we got some work done. This is the spot we collect our ‘ili’ili.
It’s interesting how our work revolves around what the waves, wind and tide are doing each day. This day there was an extra low tide, perfect to see what our beach was offering.

E lohe i ke kani o ka ‘ili’ili, Mai ke kahakai, a ka muliwai
‘ili’ili ke’oke’o, ‘ili’ili ‘ele’ele, ‘ili’ili e kani
Listen to the sound of the ‘ili’ili, From the seashore and the river mouth
white ‘ili’ili, black ‘ili’ili, ‘Ili’ili sing
Mele Hula No Na Mea Ho’okani by Ho’oulu Cambra