Bill Coulter

Friend Bill Coulter handcrafts the traditional Hawaiian canoe replicas found in our Art Gallery.

Raised in Southern California and a surfer since his childhood, Bill developed a keen interest in the ocean, which continues to this day. After high school graduation, Bill traveled to Hawaii to try his hand at the famous Hawaiian surfing locales. Experiencing the power of the ocean and the Aloha spirit of the wonderful people, Bill knew that Hawaii would someday be his home.Fascinated by the sport and tradition of canoe paddling, Bill started researching the history and design of Polynesian canoes and in doing so, he has gained a great respect for their builders, voyagers and navigators. In an effort to express his love and regard for these fine water men and their achievements, Bill has been creating these highly crafted replica canoes for over 15 years. Having completed hundreds of canoes in his Makawao workshop, Bill can truly be considered a master of this fine craft.
Each piece is individually designed and executed using Hawaiian Koa wood and trimmed in assorted hardwoods. Each canoe comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.