September Already!

Seems like we have been pretty busy lately. Besides work and surf, we have been working on the yard and the plants.

Reviving the poor kalo, that seem to be on the edge of giving up every now and then, but that we’ve managed to keep going for many years now. These were from one of my Kula Ag. Tech friends. Dry land and Tahitian varieties.

Transplanting and pruning our bonsai.
Every year at the county fair we check out the Agriculture building to look at the prize winning veggies and orchids (ok, I have to brag here, I won the Governors ‘Umeke for my prize winning ipu in 1992! Beat out the kula onions, that’s right!). OK, so I just now had to go take a picture of it to show….that first ipu heke ‘ole that started it all.

Anyway, the point I was getting at, about 5 years ago we signed up for the annual bonsai class at the fair and joined the Valley Isle Bonsai Club. We haven’t practiced much or been active members of late. As you can see, we’re not very good at it but it’s sure fun to try.

And speaking of orchids, I repotted just about every plant the other week and already they look so much happier.
We participated in the Annual Ole Longboard Classic. In the 40 mixed age division, Kent won 2nd place while I placed 4th. In the women’s, I placed 3rd. The waves were micro but it was still a super fun day.
40 to 50 Final: Scott Trudon, Kana Saita, Gayle, JB Falbo, Kent, Ole, Paul Kolepp
Open Women Final: Joni Demello, Taryn Apo, Ole, Melissa Proud, Kana Saita, Gayle, Mahealani Ahee
My cousin Fre
d aka Freddy-Boy just got married (isn’t it funny how the males get “boy” added to their name?). Here’s a couple of cousins at the “meet new bride, Nan,” party. There’s quite a few of us cousins since my Mom had eleven brothers and sisters. Gatherings were always a full house but so much fun.

Uncle Allen aka Elvis, Uncle Chico, Aunty Sally, Mom and Aunty Nancy.

Today’s ‘Olelo No’eau: He hulu makua/A feather parent.
When most of the relatives of the parents’ generation were gone, the few left were referred to as hulu makua and considered as precious and choice as feathers.