Poli’ahu visits Maui

Photo by Caitlin Nacimento

Well, the big news on Maui today is the snow that has fallen on Haleakala! I just got back from a journey to the post office and Foodland (had to purchase ingredients to make chowder tonight!) and the temperature outside is 62 degrees. This is quite cold for lunch time in Hawaii. I have on shorts, sweatpants, longshirt, lumber jacket and socks……just guzzled down a hot caramel machiatta and still cold!

Here is a picture of my niece and nephew playing in the snow……
But this snow is in Eugene, Oregon. My brother says this too is an unusual event for their place.

Looking at this picture makes me even colder!

OK, here is a much warmer picture that was taken just the other day from the back yard.
In Hawai’i, the rainbow was looked upon as one of the signs of royalty.

‘Anuenue is just one word to describe a rainbow. Like the wind, rain, surf and other events of nature, Hawaiians had different names and poetic references to describe the subtle differences and characteristics of these events.

Today’s ‘Olelo No’eau: Poli’ahu, ka wahine kapa hau anu o Mauna Kea/Poli’ahu, the woman who wears the snow mantle of Mauna Kea.

Poli’ahu is the goddess of snows; her home is on Mauna Kea.