Our Customers are The Best!

We just received a present and a nice letter from one of our customers

Mahalo Denise for the wonderful homemade kinchaku bag and folding wallet!
Here’s a little bit of the letter to Na Kani O Hula:

“I cannot thank you both enough for all the marvelous hula items and for taking my special orders.

The ladies that I dance with are ladies between 40 and 65 years of age. However, most of us are in the 50’s to 60’s group and have several health issues and joint problems…arthritic fingers/hands and joints, carpal tunnel, rotator cup and upper arm muscle problems…not to mention knee and ankle injuries. Some of our ladies are cancer survivors as well or going through chemo therapy.

Most of us take hula to exercise our bodies and little grey cells or just because we love to hula or always wanted to try but never had the chance or the time. Many of us are first time hula dancers…hips don’t move so good and have senior moments affecting our memories. We come in all shapes and sizes…from different backgrounds, traditions and heritage but enjoy each other’s company.”

“The smaller ‘uli’uli gourds and smaller grip pu’ili work well for us (lighter weight). The quality of workmanship and sound is the icing on the cake.
Every time I use my implements one of the girls will marvel at it and want to try it…especially the pu’ili’s.” “They even claim that the lighter weight pu’ili help them dance even better.”

Mahalo for taking the time to write and for your thoughtfulness. Aloha to you and your hula sisters 🙂