Olukai Stand Up Paddle Race

This past Sunday, Kent and I entered the Olukai stand up paddle race from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha park. This 8 mile run is normally great fun with the wind at your back and lots of ocean swell to catch.
But it so happened that Sunday there was no wind and so no swell. As you can see here at the start (if you buss out the magnifying glass, you will see Kent 4th from the front), the ocean was flat making for an all out paddling race. It was hot, grueling….mentally and physically challenging. Kind of reminded me of giving birth, wondering when the torture would end.
When we finally made it to the beach, we then had to sprint 300 yards to the finish line. I think next year, we’ll start training a little earlier.
Here are the top finishers in the men’s divisions. Kent got first in his group. The top male winner was Dave Kalama.
And the women’s awards. I was happy and suprised to receive second in my age division. The top woman was Andrea Moller, who also won the One-man-canoe race the day before!

Now that the race is over and the pain has faded…..that was fun!?!?