New Items!

It was a very cold and rainy day here in Maui nei. Yet, we woke up early and drove down to check the surf (me, wondering why?!?).

But it ended up to be a fabulous time…aside from the cold and pelting rain, there were a ton of glassy waves and no crowd!

When we got home it was freezing! So after a little work outside, I came into the semi-warm office and updated the website. Tried to clean up the pictures (so they’re kinda the same size) and added some new items.
Check out the Specials….I slashed prices and added some goodies like Hula Panties and White ‘uli’uli caps.
In the Craft Supplies you will now find Niau Blanc. The bleached young coconut leaves that are used for Tahitian costuming and also used by some weavers I know.

Also new to the website are our Keiki Pu’ili. Previously, we were making them just for the Keiki Hula Sets. But you have to give the customers what they ask for!

Did I mention it was cold today?