Neti Pot

Well, today is another cold and rainy day…..(this photo from yesterday)….and a good day to catch up with office work.This also becomes the time when colds get passed around…especially now that we will be spending more time with crowds at the store and perhaps at those holiday get togethers 🙂

Ever since I heard Dr. Oz say that using a neti pot can prevent catching a cold (among other benefits), I have been using it regularly and for me, it works wonders!

You can find a pot at most any health store along with the salt (I love Mana’s in Paia). Mix 1/4 teaspoon of the salt with warm water. You rinse out your nose by pouring this mixture in one nostril and it comes out the other..kinda weird at first.

Since I work with feathers, gourd dust and dirt (and have allergies to boot), my nose thanks me after every rinse!

Of course nothing beats the ocean water for cleaning out your sinuses but what you gonna do when there’s no surf?