Lauhala ‘uli’uli kit

Due to popular demand, we have put together this style ‘uli’uli kit…

It includes photographic instructions and everything needed to make a single traditional ‘uli’uli with lauhala handle.
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From our Japanese customer Yumi:
“We had the ‘Uli’Uli workshop with 20 Japanese people in Numazu city, Shizuoka, Japan, last Wednesday.
After they made their ‘Uli’Uli, they enjoyed a chant and hula with them, they loved it!



We love your supplies.

And speaking of lauhala…….

Fresh in from Tahiti, are the long awaited kuka’a (lauhala rolls….which have not been available for over a year). These are large rolls consisting of approximately 80 leaves. You will notice that lauhala from Tahiti is similar to that of Hawaii in quality and color. Perfect for your weaving projects!

We do also have available at this time, a good supply of Samoan lauhala. A favorite for it’s light color and soft quality.

With all this talk of lauhala, don’t forget that we are still offering the Kuka’a and koe special….for those of you motivated to get started weaving. Here’s an awesome source for Lauhala Weaving.