Some words from our friend Pamela on her newly released iTunes…check it out!

Itʻs been 15 years since I released Heart Of The World, so you can imagine my delight that I have a new music project which just came out this past week.
Iʻve been fusing my love of Hawaiian music with some great popular songs, and with the talented team of John McFee (Doobie Bros) and Sharon Celani (Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac), Iʻve created a brand new EP titled “Hawaiianized”.
For those of you who donʻt know who Harold Arlen is, he wrote Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He has passed on, but his son (Sam Arlen) carries on the management of his dadʻs catalog, and I recently received this endorsement from him:

Pamela Polland’s new CD is a musically relaxing work of art. The arrangements and vocals are fresh and yet, tip the hat to the original feeling and meaning of the songs. Case in point is Over the Rainbow. This version of my father’s classic composition lifts the spirit while still tugging at the heartstrings to remind us that there is really no place like home. This disc deserves a home in your collection. Sam Arlen

Iʻm so honored!!!
Here are some ways you can listen to “Hawaiianized”, (four songs and a bonus track):

Facebook: find me as Pamela Anna Polland, or just click here:

On my wall page, scroll the left hand column, till you see the music player with all 5 cuts from “Hawaiianized”. Thereʻs a minute long promo video (below the music player) with pics from my daily life on Maui, and short excerpts from Hawaiianized.

If you are not on Facebook, you can see the short promo video on YouTube:

You can also go to MySpace and hear much longer excerpts from each song, (and you donʻt have to be a member to go to this page):

If you like what you hear, please let others know about the project – and feel free to buy a song or two from iTunes. If you buy the whole album (4 songs and a bonus track for $4.99), youʻll also get a very pretty digital booklet for free 🙂

If you enjoy the music, please help me get the word out, and ask your networks to do the same – Mahalo!! You have my permission to forward this letter with all the links. And lastly, I would love to get more reviews in iTunes to maintain my currently high rating – so please go click on some stars for me 🙂