Happy New Year!

2012 has really flown by quickly!  All in all, it has been a wonderful year.  Lots of work but also lots of memorable times with family and friends…..and some pretty good days of surf.

For the first time, we wanted to try the Japanese custom of pounding mochi to celebrate the New Year.  But where to get the tools?  Definitely not something you can buy at the store.  It seems most of the usu (mortar/large bowl) and kine (mallet) are passed down within families. We’re lucky enough and very thankful to have a couple of talented friends 🙂 Ika Vea, our pahu maker, made the usu and a kine. Junior Palos, our koa woodworker, made the other two kine…..both worked from just estimated descriptions and pictures.

Next, how to prepare for pounding and cooking the rice?  Lots of online research!  Being newbies, we decided to cook the rice via rice cooker verses steaming….maybe next year we’ll attempt steamed rice. Perhaps we don’t know any better, but it seemed to work and taste fine….??

For the pounding and mochi making, thank goodness our Japanese friends Kenji and Tomoko came up to supervise! Everyone had fun time.  I’m not sure how traditional peanut butter or nutella mochi are but boy are they tasty!

2013 Year of the Snake “is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary to achieve what you set out to create.”  Uh oh, it will be challenging but we’ll try……

Here’s wishing you all a very wonderful 2013!!