Going Green and Healthy…i think

For the most part, we have always tried to live healthy by getting lots of exercise and trying to eat right. Recently, I came across a list of 10 superfoods: garlic, tofu, yogurt, blueberries, spinach, beans, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and walnuts. I was happy to see that from that list, we eat at least 8 of those items regularly! (Hey, isn’t wine supposed to be there!?)

Every morning we have smoothies for breakfast (after our wake up cup of coffee). That’s already 3 items…blueberries, yogurt and soy milk (that’s like tofu right?). I was never one to eat breakfast but I just loooooove smoothies and they’re fast, easy to make, travel well and just perfect for on the go.
Our friend and neighbor, Holly, gave us a juicer a few years ago and told us to try it. Well, we’ve been hooked ever since. I swear, if you had a hard work out or feel run down, drink a cup of fresh carrot and fruit juice and you’ll feel re-energized. We have our cup of juice every afternoon for that extra boost and it taste good!
With the juicing, we have lots of organic left overs. ONCE in a while I’ll make carrot cake and this stuff is great for thickening and adding flavor to stew, chili, ect…
As kids, we used to throw our left overs in an empty milk carton which would eventually end up feeding some kind of animal. Chickens were the best, especially when there was spagetti or saimin. If you’ve ever seen chickens running around trying to steal the others’ noodle, it’s hilarious!
Anyway, even though we have a ton of chickens in the neighborhood, we took a composting class last month and are doing our small part to minimize the landfills and hopefully, we’ll end up with lots of good stuff for all our plants!
4 ingredients for composting: nitrogen (fresh yard clippings and veggie/fruit waste), carbon (brown leaves, twigs, shredded paper), water and air. We’ll see in a few months……
Aluminum, glass and plastic. We really only need one big container because they ALWAYS get mixed up. O well….
Now this is the hardest one…remembering to bring the green bag with you INTO the store. Besides this pile, we have 2 in each car and still we forget.
Now, which one of those superfoods were for memory????