A Recipe

What has pickled onions have to do with hula?  Nothing…..just an attempt to keep the blog current.  Besides, who doesn’t appreciate a good recipe?

Here in Maui (or maybe I should say Makawao, the town where I grew up), it’s pretty much a known fact that Portuguese make the best pickled onion.  Back in the day, my parents grew the famous Maui onions on their farm and would always share the “off grades” with our neighbors.  In return, one of our neighbors would give us jars of the best tasting pickled onions. Then one day she told my mom how she makes it, and my mom taught us.  Thank you Mrs Rodrigues 🙂

Yesterday our neighbor from down the road gave us onions so I whipped up a jar this morning…..here’s the recipe, super easy!!

Clean Maui onions and cut into bite size, put into 32oz jar, add 1 tbsp hawaiian/rock salt, 1 cup vinegar and top rest off with water.  Add a couple of hawaiian chile peppers if you like. Let “miko” for a couple of days then enjoy with hot rice and a laulau 🙂