The Grandkids

A couple of weeks ago, we prepared and planted our newest ipu field. Our kids (and my dad) came up to help with the work. And the grandkids came up to play.

Haley, the oldest, is our budding hula dancer and future Top Chef. She has been dancing with Aunty Iola for several months now and has even been on stage! This is my little helper in the kitchen.

Jack, the only boy in the bunch, is a kind hearted little guy. We hope his talent for golf never fades…who knows…(watch out Tiger)

Jayde, how cute….but don’t let her dainty looks fool you. This girl is fearless and a total dare-devil. I’d say this is our surfer girl (big wave rider!).

Kaia, the youngest (for now…), is growing so fast. In fact, at her last check up, she was rated in top 90% for her height. So we’re thinking future Rainbow Wahine!

Precious cargo!