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Ready for harvest…..

  Our latest crop of ipu is looking really good….lots of nice ones 🙂   Both ipu heke ‘ole and ipu for ipu heke (some really large ones too). We will start bring them in to dry on the racks and hopefully they will be ready to go in a couple of months!

Uli uli Repair (repost)

Is the rattan on your ‘uli’uli coming undone? This is a very common problem and usually happens when you have an extra strenuous hula workout. Your hands sweat, the rattan gets moist, relaxes and as you are shaking your ‘uli’uli, the rattan starts to unravel. This is a simple fix.   First, unravel and take […]

Something important?

This evening I was asked, “Name something important that was taught to you as a child and have you taught this to your children and grandchildren?” I knew quickly that knowing how to sew and to use hand tools have come in handy in my life….and line of work 🙂 My mom taught me as […]


This morning the usu was delivered. For the past couple of years, we have been getting together at New Years with family and friends to pound mochi.  Not in the very traditional way….but we try, and have a very good time. My dad would say that he remembered his father making an usu.  (My grandfather […]

The Latest

Well our latest crop of ipu is FINALLY growing.  Boy was it a challenge! We dropped seeds back in early November, they sprouted and…..the franklins (partridge like birds) ate every single sprout.  We reseeded, put out a bird trap and…….the darn birds ate up every sprout again *#!*#!  So we had to get little cages […]

He Shares Seashells

Our shell collection. It all started one day when a good friend dropped by with a box of shells.  He said, “I wanted someone to have them, someone who will appreciate them”.  The shells are beautiful and in pristine condition….all found on Maui over a span of many years.  I told him I would take […]

A New Year

2013 just flew by!  We were really kept busy with the farm….putting in more asparagus and keeping up with the gourds.  We also started taking some of our produce to the Upcountry Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. All while TRYING to get the mail orders out in a somewhat timely fashion….. We enjoyed doing the workshops […]